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Red-shouldered Hawks

Red-shouldered Hawks
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26" x 38.5" (original size) ~ $780
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Description About the Art
Before 1900, the Red-shouldered Hawk was the one of the most common North American raptors. Since then, their population has been significantly reduced by the clearing of the wet hardwood forests they prefer. Additionally, they were affected by unchecked hunting and DDT use until conservation laws took effect in the later half of the 20th century. Also, power lines and cars routinely exact a toll on these guys. Their most common call sound is the unmistakable 'kee-aah' and are so loud that they are known as America’s most vocal hawks. Their red shoulders are visible when they're perched. Being carnivores, they feed on gophers, mice, snakes, fish, other birds, and large insects, to name a few.

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