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Our Price: $480.00


50" x 26" ~ $480
25" x 13" ~ $180


Description About the Art
Such an amazing peacock to behold! We estimate that Manoon painted more than 10,000 brush strokes and dots to create his masterpiece. We laughed with him when he told us that one day he came up with this great idea: to make this unique Peacock on a huge canvas. Miserably, with his painting only half done, he came to a terrible epiphany: all these brush strokes and dots were hurting his health and driving him mad. Precisely then, Peacock became Manoon's fifth circle of hell. He started out climbing a hill and discovered he was really climbing Mount Everest. For many, this painting would have remained forever unfinished, gathering dust in some corner. After eight grueling months, the world has Peacock to enjoy. We have the greatest admiration and respect for Manoon; we hope you do too!

Kindness forward:
Manoon, Thai artist