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Elephant (right side)

Elephant (right side)
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18" x 26" ~ $220

Description About the Art
Who doesn't love elephants? This painting captures the true essence of these endangered animals. Elephants have an uncanny ability to adapt and are one of the most intelligent creatures on earth. The mother can give birth to 12 calves in her lifetime, each pregnancy lasting around 22 months. Adults consume 330 lbs of food each day (60 tons every year). Caring for and protecting them is a daunting task. Elephants are able to recognize themselves in a mirror, an important indicator of self-awareness. Nid's Elephant (right side) can be your "elephant in the room". This magnificent mammal seems like he could walk right out of your painting -- Jumanji style. Help us protect these noble spirits.

Kindness forward: Nid, Thai artist