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Carolina Parrots

Carolina Parrots
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26" x 38.5" (original size) ~ $780
16" x 24" (special size) ~ $350


Description About the Art
In 1918, our world became a less colorful place with the extinction of the Carolina Parrot, also known as the Carolina Parakeet. This 12 inch long bird was frequently killed by farmers who viewed them as crop pests. Unfortunately, the Carolina Parrot made this easier for the farmers because it had the habit of gathering around their fallen comrades. Additionally, hunters killed them for them for their beautiful feathers, which was a popular hat accessory during this time. Now the Carolina Parrot serves as a stark warning for us to carefully look at how our actions affect our little friends so more species don't go the way of the Carolina Parrot.

Kindness forward: National Wildlife Federation