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Peacock Peacock

Such an amazing peacock to behold! We estimate that Manoon painted more than 10,000 brush strokes and dots to create his masterpiece. We laughed with him when he told us that one day he came up with this great idea: to make this unique Peacock on a huge canvas. Miserably, with his painting only half done, he came to a terrible epiphany: all these brush strokes and dots were hurting his health and driving him mad. Precisely then, Peacock became Manoon's fifth circle of hell. He started out climbing a hill and discovered he was really climbing Mount Everest. For many, this painting would have remained forever unfinished, gathering dust in some corner. After eight grueling months, the world has Peacock to enjoy. We have the greatest admiration and respect for Manoon; we hope you do too!

Kindness forward:
Manoon, Thai artist

Our Price: $480.00
Elephant (right side) Elephant (right side)

Who doesn't love elephants? This painting captures the true essence of these endangered animals. Elephants have an uncanny ability to adapt and are one of the most intelligent creatures on earth. The mother can give birth to 12 calves in her lifetime, each pregnancy lasting around 22 months. Adults consume 330 lbs of food each day (60 tons every year). Caring for and protecting them is a daunting task. Elephants are able to recognize themselves in a mirror, an important indicator of self-awareness. Nid's Elephant (right side) can be your "elephant in the room". This magnificent mammal seems like he could walk right out of your painting -- Jumanji style. Help us protect these noble spirits.

Kindness forward: Nid, Thai artist

Our Price: $220.00
Elephant (left side) Elephant (left side)

Trouble reading this? Use a mirror or look at Elephant (right side)

Elephant (left side) and (right side) were independently created and can be cleverly displayed using the corner, side-by-side, or offset method. Have fun with them!

Kindness forward: Nid, Thai artist

Our Price: $220.00
Baby Baby

Our Thai Artist Q, with only a finite number of brushstrokes, has captured our hearts with this simple, yet powerful piece. The colors lift from the canvas and show that even in our darkest days, the love of a child can bring light and color into our lives. This painting can serve as a reminder of that special spark of joy that keeps you moving forward.

Kindness forward: Q (that's really his name!), Thai artist

Our Price: $180.00